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    GUARANTEED* - $0 Down, Solar Power Costs Less Than The Power Company. Real savings from a Solar Watt Solutions customer. $500 saved the first year with a $7,000 tax credit and $50,000 savings over 20 years. Guarantee, for residential customers only, if your monthly electric bill is more than $150/month and we can't save you money we will give you $35. Low Income and Medical utility rates do not qualify.

Why Solar ?

Fossil fuels that power traditional electricity not only harm the environment, but are constantly rising in price. Solar power provides clean, sustainable, and renewable energy that provides a long-term investment that saves money on energy bills and adds value to your property. Advantages of solar power include:

  • Clean renewable power
  • Saves energy and money
  • Adds value to property
  • More affordable than power from the utility
  • Flexible financial options
  • Tax incentives

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Residential Solar Financing and Cost

Solar power isn't reserved for mansions or large commercial properties. Middle income families stand to gain the most from switching to solar power. Benefits include flexible financing options so there are no upfront costs, added value to your home and property, saving energy and money on utility bills, local and federal tax incentives, and more.

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Commercial Solar Financing and Cost

Schools, farms, and businesses large and small can benefit from solar installation. There are a variety of incentives available to California commercial property owners including local and federal tax incentives. Your solar system provides a long term investment that saves money on energy costs and adds value to your property

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Learn More About Self Installation

Southern California's sunny weather makes it the ideal place for solar power, providing you with plenty of sunlight and energy. Wondering if your building or property is a good candidate for solar installation that you can install yourself? Learn more about self-installation.

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    . The team of advisers at Solar Watt Solutions will work with you and your business to make sure that your commercial solar solution is installed in a way that is aesthetically pleasing while saving you money on your energy bills.

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    The solar system provides 100% of their needs saving them $2,400/year. Lifetime savings are over $150,000. Environmental CO2 emissions savings of 193 tons over the life of the system.

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    The solar system not only helped Sunset Valley Orchids make their business green but is saving them $8,700/year. Lifetime savings are over $300,000. Environmental CO2 emissions savings of 789 tons over the life of the system.

  • Financing

    By installing a commercial solar solution at your building, your business will enjoy substantial savings on your energy bills and safeguard your company's bottom line against increasing energy costs in the future. Best of all, with government rebates

Financing that works

There has never been a better time to save with solar installation! Solar Watt Solutions is proud to offer our customers zero-down with low monthly payment plans that are less than your current utility bill. With our financing options, there are no upfront costs. We also offer information on other cost-saving measures. Take a look at the resources below to learn more:

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  • Thanks to more than 300 days each year of abundant sunshine, California is generally a great place for solar energy. The fact that the state and many local jurisdictions offer rebates and other financial benefits

  • At Solar Watt Solutions, we specialize in helping our valued clients design and install the solar energy system that is the best fit for their individual energy needs.As a solar system integrator, we are not tied to a single brand or manufacturer and will


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