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Cost of Residential Solar Installation

Cost of Residential Solar Installation in California has declined thanks to the near-constant presence of sunlight.

Thanks to improved manufacturing and technology, the price of solar energy has continually declined and is now more affordable than ever before! Homeowners can greatly save on the high cost of utility energy bills by switching to solar. Here we answer some of the most frequently asked questions to help you make the most of your solar energy investment.

How many solar panels will my home need?

The cost of residential solar installation depends on the number of panels used, which depends on the amount of energy required. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, as of 2014 the average American household used a monthly average of 911 kilowatt-hours (kWh).

However, there are other factors which may lead to higher than average energy costs. Air conditioners, swimming pools, computers, plasma screen televisions, DVRs, lighting and video game consoles can make a significant impact on the amount of power you use. The cost of electricity also varies greatly depending on the environment where you live.

California Among Best Places to Use Solar

Southern California is an ideal location for solar energy thanks to the near-constant presence of sunlight. San Diego ranks as the 8th best city for saving money with solar. More sunlight amounts to more solar energy, lowering the number of solar panels needed and saving you money on units and installation.

How does solar energy save me money?

Not only are fossil fuels unsustainable and harmful to the environment, they are also constantly rising in cost. Solar energy from the sun is free, renewable, reliable, and a very cost-effective way to power your home. Solar energy not only saves you money in the long run, but thanks to local and federal tax incentives, flexible payment options, and more, you don’t need to wait to start enjoying the benefits of solar installation because with financing you can save from the very first day you turn on the system.

Local and Federal Tax Incentives Toward Cost of Residential Solar Installation

The federal tax credit for the use of solar energy has been extended until 2021. The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act allows homeowners to receive a federal tax credit for up to 30% of the total cost of their solar energy system. Additionally, California offers a number of ways to save using solar.

California also offers rebates for solar installed on new construction homes. Thanks to our flexible payment plans, there’s no need to wait!

Flexible Payment Plans

Solar Watt Solutions is proud to offer our customers flexible financial options including zero-down monthly payment plans for purchasing solar installation. Simply start saving from the very first month with no investment needed.

Whatever the size or style of your home, Solar Watt Solutions will help you determine the size of the system you need that will save you the most money. Give us a call for your free honest solar evaluation!