How To Install Your Own Residential Solar Panel System

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Here’s What You Get With A Solar Watt Solutions Owner Install Package:

  • All the materials you need for installation
  • An in-home assessment with a qualified installation professional
  • Technical phone support
  • A 100% solar conversion guarantee
  • And your choice of two solar panel systems


HanWahQ cell 265 Watt panels with Enphase M215 Microinverters and IronRidge Racking

System SizePrice
3-6 KW DC$2.10/Watt
6-9 KW DC $34961$1.99/Watt

Over 9 kW DC :Contact us 855-600-9288 “Watt”


LG 315 Watt panels with Enphase S280 Microinverters and IronRidge Racking

System SizePrice
3-6 KW DC$2.55/Watt
6-9 KW DC $34961$2.40/Watt

Over 9 kW DC :Contact us 855-600-9288 “Watt”

*Wire And Conduit Not Included

These DIY installation packages are perfect for the handyman, electrician or anyone who enjoys home projects and is comfortable working on a rooftop.

These packages can be tailored to accommodate any system size, and we also offer optional add-on services for those who don’t feel comfortable with the electrical component of the installation or are less than thrilled about the prospect of drafting a permit package for submission.

Optional Owner Install Package Add-Ons Include:

Final electrical hookup – $700
Drafting of permit package for homeowner to submit -$650

* Package pricing includes all equipment needed except for wire and conduit as those items are job specific.

* Pricing is subject to change and to product availability.

* Available for San Diego, Orange County, and Riverside areas.

Switching to solar can have tremendous long-term benefits, including huge cost savings on your energy bill each month.

At Solar Watt Solutions, we want to ensure everyone has the ability to capitalize on these savings by providing flexible installation options for those who want to install the panels themselves.

If you have been considering installing solar panels on your home but have been held back because of high set-up costs, our owner install residential solar panel packages might be the optimal solution for you.

Contact us at 855-600-Watt or to learn more about our Owner Install Packages.

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