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EV Charger Installation San Diego

With electric car charging, you can save time, money, and energy. Let your car recharge while you sleep, allowing you to take advantage of low energy rates and save time by skipping the trips to the gas station. Electric vehicles can also use clean, renewable energy. But despite the many advantages of driving an electric car, finding a place to refuel can prove a hassle. With EV charger installation experts, you can find the equipment that best suits your needs, allowing you to charge your car faster and more affordably right from your home.

Drive Your Electric Vehicle For Free

Many residents in San Diego County, Orange County and the Riverside area can take advantage of lower utility rates through San Diego’s Gas & Electric (SDG&E)’s and SCE’s EV Time of Use rate schedules. Homeowners with an existing solar energy system can even power their electric cars without adding onto their home’s solar equipment or inflating your energy consumption. By charging your car with the right equipment at the right time of night, you can power your absolutely FREE using 100% renewable energy.

It’s great for the environment and it’s great for your pocket!

The SDGE&E EV-TOU2 rate lets San Diego homeowners receive energy at a discounted cost by charging their cars during off-peak hours. Charge your car between midnight and 5 a.m. to take advantage of the lowest rates.

EVTOU2 uses the same meter as your house, therefore the only additional equipment you will need is an EV charger capable of powering your car up to 6 times faster than a standard charger.

EV Charger Installation San Diego

Our expert EV charger installers can help you save in other ways by helping you choose the best equipment and design for your energy needs. Solar Watt Solutions’ sister company Fast Charge EV delivers the same professional commitment and service we’re known for throughout Southern California. Give us a call today to learn how we can help you!

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