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At Solar Watt Solutions, our professionals have years of experience helping customers find and install green technology that perfectly suites their needs. Upgrading to a more powerful EV charger can save you valuable time, energy, and money. Not only can you charge your car up to six times faster than with a standard-issue charger, but you can power your vehicle on renewable energy without running up your home’s energy bills. Choosing an expert EV installer ensures the setup of your electric car charger is smooth from start to finish.

Our customers benefit from our team’s unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. We provide knowledge of billing rates, charging equipment, installation design and more to help you choose the best system for your unique needs.

EV Charger Installation Experts: Solar Watt Solutions And Fast Charge EV


Solar Watt Solutions is putting our years of knowledge and expertise to use for electric car owners throughout Southern California through Fast Charge EV.

Whether you have already purchased an electric vehicle or you are researching which car to buy, we can help you use renewable energy to power your car quickly, reliably, and affordably with custom at-home charging solutions.


Better Together: Level 2 Charging And Solar Energy

Solar energy and electric car charging are making an impact on renewable energy throughout the country. By using solar energy to power your electric car charger, you use 100% clean and renewable energy to power your car. This is not only hugely beneficial to the environment, but also saves you money on gas and adds value to your home. Many standard chargers eat up time and electricity, but upgrading to a Level 2 charger backed by solar can refuel your vehicle fast and affordably. In fact, with the right design and equipment, you can essentially power your car for FREE by using your home’s existing solar energy system.

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