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Level 2 Charger Installation San Diego . Orange County . Riverside CA

Throughout Southern California, homeowners are switching to save money and to use totally renewable energy. For these same reasons, many Southern Californians are also making the switch to electric cars. Choosing expert Level 2 charger installation in San Diego can ensure you find the perfect equipment for your home, vehicle, and energy needs.

What is “Level 1” and “Level 2” charging?

Level 1 charging is the standard level of most chargers provided from a manufacturer when you purchase an electric vehicle. This equipment uses alternating-current (AC) and a 120 volt (V) plug with a dedicated circuit. Most Level 1 chargers are portable, requiring no installation, however they can use a significant amount of time and electricity fully recharging your car. A cord connects the charger to a power source through a standard three-prong plug. The connector is then plugged into the car in order to recharge its battery.

Level 1 charging often requires long and frequent charges. Not only does this mean plugging your car in every time you are home, but it also means higher energy bills. Fully recharging your vehicle with Level 1 equipment can take anywhere from 18 to 48 hours! Unless you have an alternative way to get around, few people have that kind of time to kill. Upgrading to a Level 2 charger can save you time, money, and energy.

Level 2 Charging

Like Level 1 chargers, Level 2 charging equipment runs on AC, but uses a 240 V plug. Level 2 at-home chargers and public chargers both require professional installation by a licensed electrician. This equipment powers your electric car using a dedicated 40 or 50 amp circuit.

With Level 2 charging you can:

  • Power your car up to 6x faster
  • Charge all-electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Fully recharge your car’s battery in 2-5 hours
  • Power your vehicle while you sleep

You can save money by charging your car between midnight and 5 AM when utility rates are lower. Learn more about taking advantage of lower utility rates with EV charging here https://www.sdge.com/clean-energy/ev-rates

Solar Watt Solutions and Fast Charge EV offer customers tailored energy solutions for choosing and installing solar energy and EV charging equipment. Learn more about our services by calling us today.