Meet the Team

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Meet the Team:

Solar Watt Solutions is a local Southern California company, founded in 2009, with headquarters in Carlsbad, CA.

When you choose us as your solar integrator, have comfort in knowing you will be working with the principals of Solar Watt Solutions not just our sales representatives.

Solar Watt Solutions has the extensive experience required to make your solar project go smoothly and perform optimally for the next 25 years and beyond.

Dave Watt, President

Dave has a BS Mechanical Engineer degree from UCLA. He has consulted for Fortune 500 companies such as Boeing, Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL), TRW, Cisco, HP and many others in Engineering and Sales roles for over 25 years. Dave’s background is uniquely suited for handling the complex logistics involved with securing equipment, scheduling, completing and filing all the necessary paperwork with the Utilities and for Federal Grants and State rebates which may be available for your solar project. The entire process is managed by Solar Watt Solutions for our clients benefit and is an integral part of assuring that your new solar electric system is completed and approved on time. Dave has been noted for his leadership and his ability to implement new procedures in the solar industry. Dave is only satisfied when Solar Watt Solutions’ customers are completely satisfied at every step of the process in working with us.

Steve Frost, Vice President of Construction

Steve has been a licensed contractor since 2004 and has his B-General Contractor License. He has commercial and residential experience in all phases of construction and has always maintained his license in perfect standing. In the last 9 years Steve has specialized in green building, energy efficiency and modern integrated technologies. With a history of roofing, structures and major construction projects his background is a natural fit for the solar industry.

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