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Solar Watt customer since 2011. "We stuck it to the man!" Stuck it to SDG&E, that is. No more paying monopoly electric rates, that go up more every year.

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Solar Watt was a pleasure to deal with from the first meeting all the way through the installation. I first met with Dave Watt (yes his name really is Watt). Dave gave me all the details and options and the difference between the different type systems that people install....


Residential Solar Solutions Offer Savings to Our Valued Clients

At Solar Watt Solutions, we offer a wide variety of residential solar solutions and work closely with our clients every step of the way to deliver the best value for their individual needs and solar energy investment.

We understand that for our residential clients, buying a solar power system is a big investment. Because of this fact, we make great efforts to ensure that a solar power system is a good fit for you and your home. Taking into consideration your lifestyle, the design of your home, your level of electricity usage, your budget, and other factors, we can determine which solar system would be best for your individual situation.

Our residential solar solutions are not “cookie cutter” systems or installed in a “one size fits all” fashion. To the contrary, we offer free on-site evaluations to help our residential solar solution clients determine which system is best for their homes.

Residential Solar Solutions: More Affordable Than Ever

Recent advances in the science of solar energy technology and government financial incentives available to homeowners who install residential solar solutions in their homes make purchasing a solar energy system more affordable now than ever before. Many states, including California, offer homeowners who install solar energy systems rebates which cover a substantial portion of the total cost of your system. Also, homeowners who include the purchase of a solar energy system in a refinancing of their property or by taking out a home equity line of credit can enjoy substantial financial savings through more efficient energy consumption.

Personalized Residential Solar Solutions

Solar Watt Solutions can design and install a residential solar energy system that is optimized for you and your family’s solar energy needs. We will evaluate your energy needs and design a personalized solar energy system that is the best fit to your needs. Our expert consultants can design residential solar solutions to match the size, location, site plan, and architectural style of your home to make the system more visually appealing.