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Solar Watt customer since 2011. "We stuck it to the man!" Stuck it to SDG&E, that is. No more paying monopoly electric rates, that go up more every year.

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Solar Watt was a pleasure to deal with from the first meeting all the way through the installation. I first met with Dave Watt (yes his name really is Watt). Dave gave me all the details and options and the difference between the different type systems that people install....

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Most Pool Solar systems get no Tax Credit

Solar Watt Solutions’ commitment to providing the highest quality solar energy technology and service extends to the CoolPV Residential Solar Pool or Water Heating System. Extend your pool use season, efficiently power your home’s water heating, and optimize your roof space to maintain your home’s beauty and elegance with the revolutionary CoolPV.

What is CoolPV?

CoolPV generates solar powered electricity and water heating using the same solar panel and same amount of roof space as other systems while delivering twice the service.

CoolPV gets its name from its inclusion of a unique Thermal Cooling Panel which allows the CoolPV system to generate even greater amounts of electric power than you get from a solar electric panel alone, plus additional thermal heating power. This means you can enjoy residential solar water heating and solar pool heating while actually saving on your energy bill thanks to CoolPV’s highly efficient use of clean, renewable energy.

How much more energy can CoolPV provide?

CoolPV generates a significant amount of more clean energy compared to a traditional solar panel alone. CoolPV can generate up to 4 times the energy from the sun of a standard solar electric technology.

What are the benefits of using CoolPV?

The CoolPV system offers many benefits for powering your home including:

  • Solar electricity
  • Solar pool or water heating
  • Extended pool season
  • Reliably warm water
  • Clean, renewable energy
  • Elegant design uses minimal roof space
  • Proven technology lasts for years
  • Maintenance-free
  • Saves on energy bills
  • Increases your home’s property value

How CoolPV Can Save You Money

You will start to see immediate savings with CoolPV with lower energy bills. Solar energy is not only clean and renewable, but paired with the high quality technology of CoolPV, is also very affordable. Efficient, clean energy is good for both the environment and your bank account.

Solar technology also consistently boosts the property values of homes across Southern California.

To learn more about solar water or pool heating with CoolPV, give us a call today!